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Gum Springs, Pakentuck Falls, Cedar Falls, and some of the of the River-to-River trail. The following members have contributed to the above Trail content. We stopped and turned around at the end of the paved trail and just raved at the views and the total experience. Trail Description: Connects the Linn County Metro area to Waterloo, IA Features & Sites: Multi-use trail used for biking, hiking, in-line skating, cross-country skiing, running, and nature study. 18 (12.1 mi., N47.40962, W122.03842) and another road and then comes to the third RR bridge over the river at 12.37 mi. 6) over the river, with a nice view of the river upstream and downstream in its natural environment with no houses or farms cluttering its banks. worth knowing! At 13.7 mi. The grade is flat, there are no hill climbs, making this an excellent ride for "seasoned citizens" and families with kids. After passing Ron Regis Park, the trail leaves the city limits and is sandwiched between the scenic Cedar River and busy State Route 169/Maple Valley Highway. The trail goes over the river and under the freeway at the same time, to the actual starting point of the RR conversion Cedar River Trail. At 16.5 mi. Shortly beyond the park is an RR bridge over the river, the first of five of this kind along this trail. Overall really nice - virtually empty today maybe due to holiday weekend or bc so much sun exposure? The wide blacktop trail was excellent - no problems there. King County Trail ... winds along the Cedar River to/from Maple Valley and Renton. This is a tru gem. This 24-acre park contains picnic areas that are close to the water, play equipment, and a non-motorized boat launch. Parking is on the left. 169, actually too close for comfort. I had road tires on and turned around. 270 ft.) the trail goes under two overpasses, and next to the second overpass is a small, unpaved parking area, an access to the Cedar River Park Natural Area, but only a wet, trampled path leads from the trail to it. Back where the trail turns to gravel, you'll pass the 3.5-mile Green-to–Cedar Rivers Trail, another gravel rail-trail also known as the Lake Wilderness Trail. It heads up a small hill to Maple Valley's secluded Wilderness Lake and the 42-acre Lake Wilderness Arboretum. Took a ride up the Cedar River Trail on a sunny day earlier this week, and … Continue reading The section near the Boeing property at Lake Wahington is marked for pedestrians only, but the adjacent road is an acceptable alternative. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail follows the fertile Cedar River between Evansdale and Ely. Trip Frontcountry Trail Run - Cedar River Trail. Search site content. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. within the Renton City limits and then continues out into King County. The north section of the Cedar River Trail begins on Center Point Road in Hiawatha, where the Cedar Valley Nature Trail … Bicyclists, walkers, and joggers will find scenic river views, numerous minor rock formations, several railroad trestles, lots of wildlife, and a pair of historical sites. One such natural area, named Cavanaugh Pond, also is a year-round destination for spotting waterfowl. in the town of Maple Valley is a large parking area (holding ~50 vehicles) and official trail access point. Cedar Valley Nature Trail, Waterloo: Address, Cedar Valley Nature Trail Reviews: 4.5/5. Rode the whole trail first 12 1/2 miles paved too bad it is so close to road. i am looking to find out the distance from landsburg to highway 18 or from lake washingotn to highway 18? The trail provided a lot of chances to see the Cedar River. The trails wind through wooded areas, shady parks, along streams, the Cedar River, and downtown Cedar Rapids. More walkers/runners than bikes. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. 48 ft. Altitude max. There, the surface turns to packed gravel, and the path begins a winding course through a forested setting to its terminus in Landsburg, about 5 miles away. The river, filled with old snags, meanders through the valley and washes against high sandy bluffs. The trail however is very noisy as it parallels Renton/Maple Valley Hwy (169). The Red Cedar Bike Trail. 530 ft.) is the last of the six RR bridges (No. At this park are the last facilities for the next 10 miles. (For westbound travel, stay on the south side of the river, cross under I-405, using a narrow shoulder bike path to get to Houser Way S. Cross Houser, then use the path on the west side to cross the Cedar River.) elev.). is RR bridge No. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. (A few trails are complete in 2016, but the system is a work in progress.) One September, a friend and I decided to canoe down the river, then bicycle back. 6 a hiking trail skirts the river and leads to some of the wildest areas of the entire trail system, opposite an alluvial deposit wall where the river erodes the base of the wall and rocks can come tumbling down any moment. My wife and I finally rode this trail over the weekend and we couldn't be more thrilled at the great workout it provided us. The paved trail starts about a block from the Renton Historical Museum and passes through an open field that, a century ago, housed brick- and conduit-maker Denny–Renton Clay & Coal Co. All that remains today are scattered bricks in the blackberry thickets. Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden. At 12.1 mi. On the other side one may have to duck for low-flying golf balls, a little bit further at Ron Regis Park (lots of parking) one has to duck for low-flying base balls. Altitude change-491 ft. Altitude min. The trail goes over the river and under the freeway at the same time, to the actual starting point of the RR conversion Cedar River Trail. Fun late afternoon run along parts of the Cedar River. Meeting place and time. Take I-24 South to exit 16. Trail started out through a quiet section of Renton, but got louder as it followed a busy road. At 15.6 mi. A view of the Cedar River from a bike … All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. is a nice picnic table with a view of the river. Please consider joining or donating to the local trail association to support. Biking Iowa's Cedar River Trail in Cedar Rapids This paved 12.6 mile trail extends through downtown Cedar Rapids as it travels from Blairs Ferry Road NE to 76th Avenue SW. Be aware of the trail's 10-mile-per-hour bicycle speed within Renton city limits (violators face a fine up to $101); additionally, trail users on foot and wheel must stay on their side of the yellow line. Join TrailLink (a non-profit) to view more than 30,000 miles of trail maps and more! (N47.37987, W122.01720) is a crossing of Rock Creek, where salmon cutouts are decorating the bridge fence. Trail closed from 154th Pl SE to Cedar Grove Rd SE Excessive rain and flooding washed out a portion of the trail. login; Nearby . After 9 miles, we had had enough and my wife and I returned to our start. To the left, the trail ran through a park and soon was along Highway 169, which the trail follows, paved, until you reach the connection to the "Green to Cedar River Trail," after which the trail turns to gravel. 5, N47.38882, W122.01815) with a nice rock at the west end to sit on and eat a snack. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail follows the fertile Cedar River between Evansdale and Ely. Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. We rode about 5 miles and then turned around. About a 11 mile ride from the Renton start before I hit packed gravel. Turn left onto SE 216th Way, and go 3.1 miles. Parking along the fence of the Boeing airplane factory in Renton has lots of parking spaces, two toilet facilities, and a nice view of Lake Washington. This trail shadows the steep walls of the Red Cedar Valley for 14.5 miles from Menomonie to its connection with the Chippewa River State Trail. The Cedar River Trail follows the Cedar River from where it enters Lake Washington in the City of Renton upriver to the community of Landsburg at the boundary of the City of Seattle’s Cedar River Watershed. On the other side of Landsburg Rd. There are several places where one has a good view of the river, and one place where the river has nibbled on the trail and taken a bite out of it. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension. Turn right onto 276th Avenue SE/Landsburg Road SE, and go 2.4 miles. me and my husband are always looking for new trails, because each hma reserves a secret, beauty and peace. The trail then goes under a semi-active RR track, under the I-405 freeway and arrives at the City of Renton Cedar River Park, which includes the Carco Theater and Community Center, and is adjacent to a swimming pool and water slide fun park. A pedestrian bridge offers a good view of the river, with interpretive signs about life forms in the river. To the right, the trail went a hundred yards and ended at the downtown, as advertised. To reach the western end, take Interstate 405, Exit 4. Cedar River Trail. if you can help that would be awsome. From the north, the exit becomes Sunset Boulevard N. At 0.4 mile, turn right onto Bronson Way N. From the south, follow signs for SR 900/Bronson Way. At 11.3 mi. To select just a portion of the trail, consider these other access points: Cedar River Park, at the intersection of I-405 and SR 169. Most trails are surfaced with crushed limestone. At 16.2 mi. A truly spectacular sight; although the odor of spawned-out, dead fish decaying along the shore can be very strong. By Gene Bisbee in Bike trails, Main Page; February 5, 2015. The trail runs for 4.5 mi. At 16.9 mi. (N47.41854, W122.04606, elev. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. From here on the trail parallels Hwy. The trail has some very scenic sections and some other sections along the highway. the trail crosses a road and there are a few parking spaces here. The trail parallels the Maple Valley Highway for awhile. It connects Renton to Maple Valley.In Maple Valley it connects to the Cedar to Green River Trail at mile 12.3. ... We have traveled to many popular bike trail destinations and always return thinking that our own trails are much better. East of the bridge is a parking area and a trail access point. We only rode half way and turned around back to our starting point in Renton. Cedar River Trail Loop is a 14.1 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Renton, Washington that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The Cedar River Trail is now paved (wide, like all rail trails should be) from where it crosses under I 405 to the intersection with the 'Green To Cedar River Trail'. The Cedar River Greenbelt is a trail network that includes the Cedar Valley and Harry Cook trails as well as Spring Park. Another bike trail attraction on Cedar River Trail . A beautiful trail, with several waterfalls, we start with the factoring and conclude until the beginning of bellevue with a last waterfall and a wonderful fossil! Beginning at the edge of Renton's historic downtown, the trail rolls upstream along the fast-flowing Cedar River to Landsburg Park. (N47.38422, W121.99163, elev. Before getting to the library, it is difficult to cross Bronson Way (a major thoroughfare) above, so it is much safer to dismount and walk the bike for the short stretch through the underpass. The trail then continues as the Hoover Trail, and then connects to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, making a nearly 58 mile trail. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors. Depending on the time of the year, there are many places along this trail where you can observe hundreds of sockeye salmon spawn in the fall. Think of this 17.3 mile trail as three segments. Follows the floodplain of the Cedar River through forested areas, wetlands, and rolling farmlands. Paved, 13 miles (north section 5.7 miles, south section 7.2 miles) The great thing about most trails on this list is they connect to each other, so you can create your perfect route. On the other (east) side of the RR bridge is another trail access point (also called Fred V. Habenicht Rotary Park) with parking for ~20 vehicles, adjacent to Whitte Road, but the parking area is down below and there is no easy way to get from the parking area up on the trail without scrambling up the steep bank next to Bridge No. Bicyclists who ride out the Cedar River Trail have another place to pause, enjoy the river and learn a few things about our natural environment. marker, a trail branches off to the south, connecting to the water pipeline trail and a vast network of about 20 miles of nice trails in the Danville-Georgetown area (http://www.frcv.org/) where you could spend an entire day with a map and might still get lost. The trailhead is on the right, immediately before crossing the Cedar River. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. The park has facilities and a drinking fountain. At 17.4 miles in length the CRT is a paved, off-road trail for the first 12.3 miles, and features a soft surface for the last five miles. The crushed limestone trails are not cleared in the winter. Packed gravel wasn’t horrible, I would try to finish with lower pressure traction tires next time. S.E. The 69-mile trail comprises three former trails—the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, Cedar River Trail and parts of the Hoover Nature Trail—which merged in Spring 2017.. Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail. One of Wisconsin's first 'Rail-Trails', the Red Cedar State Trail from Menomonie to County Y offers a pleasant ride through a rural countryside along the scenic Red Cedar River. While repairs to the embankment and trail subsurface have been completed, the Cedar River Trail will remain closed at 154th Pl SE east to Cedar Grove RD SE until Monday, March 2, so that resurfacing and paving can be completed. At 15.3 mi., just east of the 15-mi. The first 1.3 miles in Downtown Renton is best done on foot. Cedar River Trail. Seagulls and crows are feasting on the dead fish. Nearby: The Chippewa River trail connects with the Red Cedar Trail to the south and the Old Abe State Trail to the north, creating an 80-mile network of bike trails. At one place one can walk on a dike along the river for a short stretch. The trail and the river are sharing an underpass under Highway 169, sometimes problematic if the river is at flood stage. I wasn’t aware of the detour near the trestle which meant riding on the sidewalk along 169 for about a mile or so. Nearby Overview; Fullscreen Map; ... More Stats for Cedar River Trail mountain bike trail trail. S. E. is Landsburg Park with a salmon viewing platform at the rapids that were restored after a weir that impeded progress of the salmon was removed. (5.2 mi., N47.46618, W122.13753, elev. The next road crossing at a busy street has a button-activated crossing signal (1.7 mi., N47.48138, W122.19985). At 8.2 mi. To reach the eastern end from I-405, take Exit 4. Contributors. 160 ft.). Boyson Road: Access to the Hiawatha Trail-head parking area for the Cedar Valley Nature Trail is from Kainz Drive - just south of Boyson Road. A former railroad trestle bridge is now part of the trail over the Cedar River. At 15.1 mi. It is OK as a bicycle trail, at least you get through the unpleasant part a lot faster than walking. Let us start off by saying that we only rode the first 9 miles of this 17.5 mile trail before returning to our starting point which was Cedar River Trail Head in the midst of the Renton Boeing factories. (Hobart). It’s great for bikers, bladers, walkers, wheel chairs, etc. The Cedar Valley Nature Trail and Cedar Lake Loop Trail are asphalt and concrete and are kept open throughout the year. The trail becomes packed gravel after it passes the Maple Valley trailhead. A nice underpass was constructed recently to allow the trail to go under 154th Pl. Meet at 8:45 am at Cedar River Pipeline Road trailhead @ 23921 SE 244th Street, Maple Valley. February 5, 2015. The Cedar River Regional Trail is a partially paved 17.3-mile (27.8 km) rail trail in Washington.The Cedar River Trail was the former mainline of the Milwaukee Road. We will definitely come back and ride the whole stretch. However, for approximately 6.5 of the 9 miles, it was adjacent to a very busy, 4 lane highway with heavy truck and car traffic and the noise was something else! thank you. Info COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. Bicycles share the road with automobile traffic in those locations, but that is not a problem. The last part which is a hard packed gravel is very pretty all in woods crossing back and forth over river. (N47.45701, W122.07861, elev. Follow SR 169 southeast for 10 miles. Most of the way this trail runs next to the Maple Valley Highway, but because it is so close to the the river you almost don’t notice the cars. It will also connect to the planned bike park on the southeast edge of the city. Along its route, the Red Cedar trail passes through the communities of Irvington and Downsville and the Dunnville State Wildlife Area. A minor road crossing next to the highway. The Cedar River Trail runs from Ely Iowa (via the Hoover Trail), through Cedar Rapids via the Czech village and Cedar Lake to the Hiawatha (Boyson Rd) Cedar Valley Trail head. 3. Between the gauging station and Bridge No. Two cyclists head back toward Renton on the Cedar River Trail earlier this week . Crossing under a road is more fun than waiting at a crosswalk. The Cedar River Trail follows the old Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad corridor on a straight, flat shot out of the sprawling Seattle metro area and into the rural countryside. The Gum Springs trailhead is about 45 minutes south of Carbondale. 4 over the river, and at 14.5 is the next bridge (No. From here on to Landsburg the trail surface is packed gravel and easy to ride on even with a street bike. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. After 0.3 mile on Bronson Way N., turn left onto Mill Avenue S. Proceed through an intersection with Houser Way S., and immediately turn left at a sign for Cedar River Trail and Cedar River Dog Park. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/washington/cedar-river-trail-and-may-valley Most of the Cedar River Trail follows an old RR right-of-way, but the way we like to do it, we start at the mouth of the Cedar River where it empties into Lake Washington, and follow it all the way to the boundary of the City of Seattle watershed at Landsburg. The first 11 miles of the trail, stretching just past the Maple Valley trailhead, are paved. The trail then goes over Whitte Road and soon the pavement ends at the junction with the Green Trail (12.9 mi., N47.39845, W122.04321) leading to Wilderness Lake and Four Corners (a very scenic side spur waiting to be connected to Black Diamond).

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