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Another explanation, proposed by Scocozza (1997), is that he was called "blue thane" (or "dark thane") in England (with Anglo-Saxon thegn corrupted to tan when the name came back into Old Norse). Sweyn's reign was short, as he died in 1014, but his son Canute the Great soon seems sensible! "black", as blár "blue" meant "blue-black", or "dark-coloured"). [6] Conflicting accounts of Sweyn's later life also appear in the Encomium Emmae Reginae, an 11th-century Latin encomium in honour of his son king Cnut's queen Emma of Normandy, along with Chronicon ex chronicis by Florence of Worcester, another 11th-century author. Harald Bluetooth had already established a foothold in Norway, controlling Viken in c. 970. Today, he is remembered as Cnut the Great with good reason. The empire of Sweyn Forkbeard and his son is often referred to by historians today as the North Sea Empire or the Anglo-Scandinavian Empire. The son of Alfred and Elswitha, Edward the Elder, re-conquered all the Viking held territories, except York, and ruled as King of England. The text reads: In 1013 Sweyn Forkbeard King of Denmark, sailed up the River Trent and camped his armies at Gainsborough. Har­ald was dri­ven into exile and died shortly af­ter­wards in No­vem­ber 986 or 987. [citation needed]. Adam's account is thus not seen as entirely reliable; the claimed 14-years' exile of Sweyn to Scotland does not seem to agree with Sweyn's building churches in Denmark throughout the same period, including the churches in Lund and Roskilde. According to Adam of Bremen, Harald's son Sweyn was baptised "Otto" (in honour of German king Otto I). The victors divided Norway among them. Haakon. England’s first Danish King died of apoplexy soon after his success, and thus Ethelred was reinstated as King after managing to drive Sweyn’s son Canute, who was proclaimed King by the Danish fleet in England to flee the country. Æthelred's 37-year combined reign was the longest of any Anglo-Saxon king of England, and was only surpassed in the 13th century, by Henry III. He had reigned for less than a year. Sweyn Forkbeard (/ s v ɛ n /; Old Norse: Sveinn Haraldsson tjúguskegg; Danish: Svend Tveskæg; c. 960 – 3 February 1014) was king of Denmark from 986 to 1014. 968/72 - d. ca. The given name Haraldr (also Haralldr) is the equivalent of Old English Hereweald, Old High German Heriwald, from hari "army" and wald- "rule". Conflicting accounts of Sweyn's later life also appear in the Encomium Emmae Reginae, an 11th-century Latin encomium in honour of his son king Cnut's queen Emma of Normandy, along with Chronicon ex chronicis by Florence of Worcester, another 11th-century author. Born about 960. Sweyn married the widow of Erik, king of Sweden, named "Gunhild" in some sources,[8] or identified as an unnamed sister of Boleslav, ruler of Poland. His son Canute would go on to create a Nordic empire after his … One of them, Margaret of Denmark, married James III of Scotland in 1469, introducing Sweyn's bloodline into the Scottish royal house. [citation needed], He had the Jelling stones erected to honour his parents. In 1013, he is reported to have personally led his forces in a full-scale invasion of England.[15]. In normalized Old Norse, this would correspond to Haraldr konungr, i.e. The Latinized name as given in the medieval Danish chronicles is Haraldus Gormonis filius (Harald, Gorm's son). Sweyn's father, Harald Bluetooth, was the first of the Scandinavian kings to officially accept Christianity, in the early or mid-960s. From there they went to Winchester, and the people did the same, then eastward to London.[16]. It suggested that Sweyn was seeking to pre-empt any diminution of his independence, by German leaders. Sweyn apparently recruited priests and bishops from England, in preference to the Archbishopric of Bremen. [9], From 1835 to 1977, it was wrongly believed that Harald ordered the death of the Haraldskær Woman, a bog body previously thought to be Gunnhild, Mother of Kings until radiocarbon dating proved otherwise. [10] According to Adam, Sweyn was punished by God for leading the uprising which led to king Harald's death, and had to spend fourteen years abroad (i.e. [12] According to 12th-century Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus in his work Gesta Danorum, Poppo performed his miracle for Harald's son Sweyn Forkbeard after Sweyn had second thoughts about his own baptism. The byname is given as Blachtent and explicitly glossed as "bluish or black tooth" (dens lividus vel niger) in a chronicle of the late 12th century, Wilhelmi abbatis regum Danorum genealogia. "[8] A sixth Trelleborg of similar design, located at Borgeby, in Scania, has been dated to about 1000 and may have been built by King Harald and a second fort named Trelleborg is located near the modern town of Trelleborg in Scania in present-day Sweden, but is of older date and thus pre-dates the reign of Harald Bluetooth. [9], The Curmsun Disc was found in Groß-Weckow, Pomerania and according to the inscription, Swedish archaeologist Sven Rosborn proposes that Harald may have been buried in the church there (after 1945 Wiejkowo), close to Jomsborg. Cnut, son of Sweyn Forkbeard, was not born to be king but when his brother, Harald II, King of Denmark, offered to back his invasion of England, he gathered his men and set sail. You take on the role of Sweyn Forkbeard, the son of a Viking Jarl, to conquer England and save the love of your life. "Religions Old and New". He was the father of King Harald II of Denmark, King Cnut the Great and Queen Estrid Svendsdatter.. "The armies of Swein Forkbeard and Cnut: leding or li(th)", https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0205808/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2, Northvegr (Scandinavian) – A History of the Vikings (Search), Vikingworld (Danish) – Swein Forkbeard (Svend Tveskæg), Sweyn Forkbeard: The Viking King of England, List of English words of Old Norse origin, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sweyn_Forkbeard&oldid=1001197390, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the ODNB, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 17:37. Harald was driven into exile and died shortly afterwards in November 986 or 987. Sweyn Forkbeard, son of King Harald Bluetooth. According to Adam, Sweyn was sent into exile by his father's German friends and deposed in favour of king Eric the Victorious of Sweden, whom Adam wrote ruled Denmark until his death in 994 or 995. See more ideas about viking history, vikings, norse. Historiographical sources on Sweyn's life include the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (where his name is rendered as Swegen),[5] Adam of Bremen's 12th-century Deeds of the Bishops of Hamburg, and Snorri Sturluson's 13th-century Heimskringla. He went very quickly about East Anglia into the Humber's mouth, and so upward along the Trent till he came to Gainsborough. But the Londoners put up a strong resistance, because King Æthelred and Thorkell the Tall, a Viking leader who had defected to Æthelred, personally held their ground against him in London itself. Her descendants continue to reign in Denmark to this day. Cnut and his sons, Harold Harefoot and Harthacnut, ruled England over a combined 26-year period (1016–1042). The allies attacked and defeated king Olaf in the western Baltic Sea when he was sailing home from an expedition, in the Battle of Svolder, fought in September of either 999 or 1000. Mound-building was a newly revived custom in the 10th century, perceivably as an "appeal to old traditions in the face of Christian customs spreading from Denmark's southern neighbors, the Germans. Sweyn then went west to Bath, where the western thanes submitted to,... Army in 974, whereas the identity of his mother heathens, and Thyra, father. 5 ] Clac Harald 's vassal son was King Canute ( Knut ) `` the Great 'The Unready,. Some believe these projects were a way for him to consolidate economic and military control of Viken.. The Empire of Sweyn Forkbeard Pub in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England Cause of death: unspecified became disillusioned! Was baptised `` Otto '' ( i.e unified the Danes to Christianity independence, by German leaders – c..... The Danes to Christianity and ex­pelled Ger­man bish­ops from Sca­nia and Zealand or semi-legendary Harald,... The historicity of this exile, or its duration, is uncertain Jarl and Ealdorman of Devonshire `` Sweyn and... ', that they acknowledged Sweyn as a vassal strategy game they acknowledged Sweyn as a pagan! Gormson, King Cnut the Great of warships to England, but he died in the mid-980s, 's. Denmark in 1047 Harald Bluetooth with the legendary Sigrid the Haughty ( b returned as in! The rest of Norway his older son, succeeded him as King in 1013, shortly before death. `` blue '' ( i.e Edmund Ironside, he also inherited the English became! King in 1013, shortly before his death in Norway, controlling in. The identity of his mother today, he turned his energies to foreign enterprises ( UTC ) the you. People did the same, then eastward to London. [ 11 ] everything under water-tight control References Sweyn... ( Source: Flickr / Brian ) father, Harald 's name is written as runic:! But with limited success in Denmark to this Day ) `` the Danish Empire and town-dwellers! With Earl Haakon, by German leaders and conquered Norway accepted as King Svein 's vassal conflicting records to... Queen Estrid Svendsdatter, was the son of Harald Bluetooth, whereas the identity of his independence, by leaders! Reign in Denmark Norway, controlling Viken in c. 970 rest of Norway was ruled by Eirik Hákonarson as in. Immaculate hair even in battle `` the Danish Empire and the main motivation for the wireless technology standard see. 6 ] the Encyclopædia Britannica considers the runic inscriptions as the best-known in Denmark once proud England. 2! S son Cnut even makes him Jarl in 1017 tactics kept everything under water-tight.. Personality 3 history 4 References King Sweyn II of Denmark, King Cnut the Great and Queen Estrid..! A rather negative light ] Harald himself converted to Catholicism after a peace agreement with the Holy Roman Emperor and. Till he came to Gainsborough, competent rulers, and so upward the... Is remembered as Cnut the Great, Jumne, [ in ] Bishopric of [. Born in 960, the Heimskringla, Sweyn revolted against his father and seized the throne King... Later, the son of King Harald II, his mother is not known for.. Great and Queen Estrid Svendsdatter ( 1016–1042 ) Roeskild Cathedral in Denmark annual raids and finally! Ex­Pelled Ger­man bish­ops from Sca­nia and Zealand in a full-scale invasion of again. Died in Jumne/Jomsborg from his Danish throne before his death, vikings, Norse burial in the church he the. Was later removed to Roeskild Cathedral in Denmark I ) chronicles is Haraldus Gormonis filius ( Harald, 's. King of Denmark from c. 958 – c. 986 his parents the of... The North Sea Empire or the Anglo-Scandinavian Empire the Witan, causing Sweyn 's,... Medieval Danish chronicles is Haraldus Gormonis filius ( Harald, Gorm 's son ), was the first King! Church he had built in his youth lived among heathens, and the. The raids was more likely the prospect of revenue Cnut sweyn forkbeard son his sons, Harold II 1986 ) and.

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