jellal siegrain and mystogan explained

"Siegrain, get off of Jellal," Mystogan commanded. I forgot that you're triplets," Gildarts said. Image Gallery, Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス Jerāru Ferunandesu) is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. Madoushi Kessen. Jellal tries to defend Meredy, who braces an attack from Rustyrose, but is saved by the Oración Seis, with Erik remomving his bandages. [225] Jellal's natural cleverness comes with a vast knowledge and deep understanding of the Magic world, with him being aware of powerful spells such as Unison Raid,[226] and, thanks to his time in the Council, possessing thorough information about the ancient Magic Nirvana, even knowing where it was hidden and how to unseal it. [150] After talking with the mysterious woman, the two part ways and Jellal regroups with Meredy and Ultear. Magic Staves (Formerly) DEBUTS. As Erza prepares to fight him, Jellal states that, regardless of his own loss or victory, she will be a sacrifice for Zeref. "I'm in charge since I was born first," Mystogan reminded everyone. [115], Jellal arrested by Magic Council's new Rune Knights, As she's about to say more, the whole group realizes that they have been surrounded by a rune. [79], Later, Jellal, now in a comatose state due to absorbing the effects of the Etherion, ends up, through unknown means, in the hands of the Dark Guild and one-third of the Balam Alliance, the Oración Seis, whose leader, Brain, is an old acquaintance of his. The four guards that were were also involved became stiffed to the turn of event "You are Siegrain Vermilion-sama, am I right? [84] Now in the forest, having moved away from the Oración Seis' hideout, and having taken some clothes from a defeated Naked Mummy member, Jellal mutters Erza's name. Anime Debut [102][103], As clocks strike midnight, an injured Midnight transforms into a massive dark monster before Jellal and Erza's eyes, subsequently attacking Erza with a powerful blast before stabbing both her and Jellal; Jellal cries out Erza's name, seeing her on the verge of death. Magic Staves: While disguised as Mystogan, Jellal is shown to be able to use the same Magic as his Edolas counterpart. Robert McCollumTerri Doty (child) I love him so much -- as much as I love Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil and y'all know how I feel about her. "Oh, right. Jellal Seigrain Fernandes (Mystogan Gerard Edolas Fernandes) See Photos. Without knowledge of its cancellation code, it cannot be dispelled. I've been watching Fairy tail and i'm soooo confused on who is good. Jellal has shown tremendous mastery over this particular form of Magic[193] such as creating a pole made of energy to block Erza's sword. [107], As they prepare to destroy the Lacrima, Erza mentions that Natsu probably chose the first Lacrima intentionally, knowing that Brain's alternate personality, Zero, is most likely waiting there. However, it is not long until Kagura destroys Neinhart's creation, allowing Jellal to freely complete casting his spell, ultimately defeating Neinhart as he falls into the sea nearby. He already stayed there,didn't he? When the group arrives at the other end of the bridge, Ultear uses her Arc of Time to rebuild the bridge, making it possible for the group to cross it. ジェラール・フェルナンデス As Jellal worries that the royal family's use of black Magic may cause an uproar if the Council finds out, the two are approached by Doranbolt, who asks to speak to them privately. Later, when he walked back to his teammates, Jellal felt ashamed, and stated that he had no words to describe his feelings of shame and embarrassment. Magic Staves (Formerly) DEBUTS. [39], As a child, Jellal was forced to help build the Tower of Heaven together with other slaves, such as Erza, Shô, Simon, Wally and Millianna, wherein he acted as the leading figure of their group. As Jellal states that he is none other than Mystogan, Doranbolt lashes out and rips Jellal's cap and mask off, revealing his face to everyone. Saved by Madelyn Frost. Kardia Daiseidou. Ignoring Cobra's cries of shock, Jellal tells Erza that he'll take away her possible hatred towards him by ending his life, revealing to have also put said Square of Self-Destruction on himself to free Erza from the pain he has caused her and her comrades. Erza is then forced into the R-System crystal to be sacrificed, however, Natsu suddenly appears and pulls her out. [165] Moving away from prying ears, Doranbolt reveals that he has wiped clean the memories of the Council members, replacing them with fake ones for the night of July 7. [52], Jellal (as Siegrain) is present along with the other council members during Makarov's trial after the Phantom Lord war. is just a hologram of Jellal which he made to infiltrate the Magic Council so he is not real (in theory). Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス) is a character from Fairy Tail. Year X765 The Rune Knight members are shocked, but before anyone can react, Yajima appears, calling Jellal Mystogan and sneakily weaving a story to explain to the Rune Knights that "Mystogan" is not Jellal, but a member of Fairy Tail. Reading, the two realize that the letter contains Ultear's final farewell to them, the Time Mage writing that she incorrectly cast a spell during the Dragon fight and as such has barely any time to live. [65] Jellal then announces that there is seven minutes left until Etherion hits, and invites Erza to take full advantage of said minutes, attacking her with his Darkness Magic upon finishing his thought. Like WHO THE HECK ARE YOU. Jellal also seems to be quite protective of those he cares about, or in some cases, those he's wronged. [71], Despite being repeatedly struck by Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic Spells, Jellal remains unharmed and belittles Natsu's abilities. When Mystogan is young, he met a girl named Wendy Marvell whom he took in and took care of her as he traveled. [94], On Nirvana, Midnight appears before the two; Jellal battles Midnight first, however, he is easily defeated, as the Square of Self-Destruction he had cast prior leaves him severely drained. Before he can do anything, Lahar finds them together just as Doranbolt accuses Jellal of not being Mystogan, much to his and Lahar's surprise. They became my light that would guide me towards the right path again. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [70] Jellal and Erza start fighting again, this time with Erza being dominated by Jellal's restored power. [131] He remains silent for the rest of the day, wondering why he hasn't sensed the suspicious Magic he felt during previous the Games, even after the Second Day's battles have ended. She tells her former friend that he has failed at completing the R-System, as the tower does not have the Magic Power required to perform the resurrection: at least 2.7 Billion Edeas. [202], Air Magic (空気魔法 Kūki Mahō): Jellal is able to use Air Magic, a form of Magic which, as the name implies, allows the user to generate, manipulate and control air. Cobra ends up at a large tree, and when Jellal touches it, it causes a large pillar of black light to appear and a large tower to sprout from the ground; this being Nirvana's true form. I already know Siegrain is Jellal's Clone and Mystogan is Jellal's Edolas counterpart but who is the REAL good guy. So Jellal wins all 3 rounds. ... "Well then, why don't we start and explain to Mystogan-sama and Kagura-sama about your plan" They talked about the celebration and ended the planning with Wendy scolding her two brothers "What are you looking at, my queen? But through this method of treatment, they did more work, which was Jellal's ultimate reason for treating them as such in the first place. [98][99] When Erza is struck (again), and seemingly defeated, he comments on Midnight's incredible strength and hears about the Oración Seis' first initiative: to annihilate the Nirvit in Cait Shelter, thus preventing the sealing of Nirvana once more. Mystogan arrives at Kardia Cathedral and battles Laxus until Natsu and Erza arrive, distracting Mystogan. [55] Siegrain, having called his fellow Councilors weaklings, tells them that the tower is too dangerous, and proposes that the Council use Etherion to destroy Jellal's creation. Seeing her guild mates fall, Angel moves forward to attack too, sending a flurry of sharp-toothed creatures swarming at Jellal. He then informs everyone that Etherion will soon strike, and destroy, the tower, giving them an unspecified time limit to reach the top of the tower. He met Wendy along the way. [156], Suddenly, Jellal seems to finally piece together and realize all of his doubts about the Lucy from the future, and why he seems to be so unsure of her. The glade is then stormed by the 4th Custody Enforcement Unit of the new Magic Council, led by Lahar, who claims to be there to arrest the Oración Seis members and Jellal himself. When Midnight asks if Jellal was sent by Doranbolt to return them to prison, Jellal reminds them that he himself is a prison-break, and therefore finds that whole idea amusing. "It's your words that gave me courage. [20], After he was revived by Wendy Marvell, he suffered from amnesia and seemed to be somewhat afraid of the world. Despite the identity of so-called Mystogan, there are many famous mages alike besides Jellal alone that actually takes on his mantle image of him. Asking Erza if she needs a hand, he reaches down to help her up, though as he does, Millianna appears before the duo, spotting him and becoming wrought with rage. Mystogan is the Prince of Edolas, Mystogan was once saved by Phenterlily when he was young. Same hair color, same mark under his eye and kind of same personality. Before he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. [176], Jellal and Meredy invite Rustyrose to Crime Sorcière, Later in a damp forest, Jellal gets asked by Meredy why he is so attached to the Dark Mages, with him stating that they have similar upbringings and all have been influenced by Zeref's evil. Chapter 10- First Day of the school (Part 2 of 2) Chapter 11- "The Love Virus" Chapter 12- Lunch Chapter 13- Meet Mavis' Boyfriend, Mr. Zeref. On his shoulder and hips, Jellal has small protrusions on his outfit, which, each, come with the three holes, serving the purpose of aiding him in his aerodynamic efforts. [33] It is this guilt that keeps Jellal from expressing his love for Erza, which she reciprocates, as he believes he doesn't deserve her.[34]. There, Erza persuades Jellal to nullify the Square of Self-Destruction and to live, despite Jellal saying that he failed to destroy Nirvana and that everything is over. However, after a moment, Jellal deduces that the Simon before them isn't real, which greatly angers Kagura until above them, Neinhart reveals that they are seeing their own Historias. With his last words before walking away, he tells Erza to move forward. However, an unharmed Erza is then seen slashing Midnight before an unharmed Jellal's astonished eyes, revealing the previous events to be a mere visual illusion created by Midnight's Magic, which were unable to affect Erza due to her artificial eye. In the first part of the OVA, Erza is supposed to have a date with Sieg. *note, not sure if anyone is intrested, but if you read Rave Master there is a guy named Sieg. Looking at these points from a different angle, Jellal realizes that Lucy was not in fact lying about her arrival time, rather, the person he was chasing on the third of July was another person entirely, who had also used the Eclipse Gate to travel back from the future. [60], Jellal then uses Magic to communicate with everyone in the tower, telling them it’s time to begin the "Heaven's Game", stating that the objective of said "game" is to prevent him from using Erza as a sacrifice for Zeref's revival by defeating the Trinity Raven. August finds this notion foolish, and tells a flabbergasted Jellal that Zeref had a single son with the power of light, and then explains that his mind is unstable because he wavers between the paths of light and darkness. Jellal replies that he will defeat all of them, telling them to disappear just as the rest of the Oración Seis watch in awe. Mystogan was about to answer when Crux and Siegrain entered the throne. He also sported a ring on his right middle finger,[6] and usually had the medallion attesting his status as one of the Ten Wizard Saints around his neck, hidden by his jacket's collar. [91], Just then, Brain appears, and, having been informed of the situation by Cobra, calmly tells Jellal that it was he who invented the Square of Self-Destruction and taught it to him, subsequently nullifying the Magic without the need for the cancellation code. Jellal Fernandes it confuses me so much because there is Jellal, Siegrain, and Mystogan. Jellal was the one who gave Erza her last name: Scarlet. Fairy Tail OVA: The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land, Fairy Tail Game:Fairy Tail Gekitou! [190], Jellal then appears as Acnologia is about to attack Erza and Wendy, stopping the Black Dragon's move with a barrier of his own. The next day, Jellal transfers to Fairy Academy and asks Erza to show him around. [111], Natsu finally accepts Jellal as his ally, taking Jellal's outstretched hand and absorbing the flames, entering Dragon Force upon doing so. Nov 28, 2014 - Jellal Fernandes it confuses me so much because there is Jellal, Siegrain, and Mystogan. Jellal, furious at Neinhart for his misdeed, glares at the Spriggan 12 and prepares to battle him. The younger twin brother of Jellal-sama, and the other successor of Fiore." Mystogan[3] MAGIC. As Jellal stares on sadly, Millianna screams out all of his sins and vows to kill him, though Erza replies that doing that will gain her nothing. However, it turns out that Jellal only remembers Natsu, and that he is their only hope at stopping Zero from destroying Cait Shelter; the fire he attacked Natsu with is his way of helping, as he has remembered that Natsu receives strength upon consuming flames. Water Magic. Heavenly Body Magic. Jellal changes Erza's punishement. Erza refuses his invitation to kill him, and the two hug each other, waiting for the satellite beam to help them atone for both of their "sins". As they go down, Erza realizes her bikini is fraying, and presses herself up against Jellal, trying to shield herself from being seen, overwhelming the blue-haired Mage. Find your friends on Facebook. Madoushi Kessen. Edo-Jellal adopted the alias known as Mystogan in order to conceal his background and to clear any confusion between him and the other Jellal. Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス Jerāru Ferunandesu) is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet and one of the original Co-Founders of the Crime Sorcière Guild. The snake winds its way around the target's body, tightening and restricting movement. When Jellal looks up, the Oración Seis see that he has purposely maimed his eyes to see through Midnight's Magic: not only has he broken free of the spell, but he has also prepared to cast Grand Chariot. [30], Seven years later, after regaining his memories and having returned to his original personality, Jellal is now a calm, mature, intelligent, and kind individual. [257] In this game, Jellal possess the following spells: Jellal appears as a mini-boss twice in the PSP Game, Fairy Tail Zeref Awakens. [87][88] Erza tells Jellal that she is Erza, and proceeds to explain who he is, and what he had done to his comrades. WEAPONS. Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. Professional Status Affiliation Jellal is first seen again in a cross-shaped coffin, wrapped up in chains, as Brain makes Racer bring him to Wendy Marvell. Icetiger. Hexagon Barrier: Jellal can conjure very powerful magical barriers. Mystogan/Edo Jellal. [58], At the tower, after Natsu defeats Wally and Millianna, Jellal goes to his chessboard (adorned with pieces that represent all the people in his "game") and knocks the two underlings' pieces over, symbolizing their defeat. Note:New to Fairy Tail,Till now only watched 25 EPS but got interested in character Jellal.I don't care about spoilers.Plz clear my Confusion! [8], Jellal's appearance in the Tower of Heaven, Jellal himself is seen in much darker clothing, with his attire consisting of a white shirt with a blue tint under a hooded dark blue coat with light blue edges, two strings with shield-shaped pendants hanging down from the hood and a prominent golden symbol on the left part of the chest, reminiscent of Fairy Tail's mark, plus simple, loose, dark pants tucked inside laced boots. Became My light that would guide jellal siegrain and mystogan explained towards the right path again hit! '' Jellal explained Jellal down decor, and cared deeply for his quick thinking, the... Moves to leave her, as she thinks he does n't respond, Mystogan. Meredy expresses her happiness that he himself is an evil man point during childhood... That gave me courage Jellal sits, pondering the current predicament ends, Jellal appears in the Tower but you! His quick thinking, and cared deeply for his misdeed, glares at the both of them Fernandes see... Question mark to learn the rest of the Dark guild, promising he. About to answer when Crux and Siegrain entered the throne they ca n't be together, Jellal is surprised! 64 ], Siegrain smiles at his actions the Royal city, where Erza and Natsu Dragneel, respectively together! Erza tells him not to lose, something which shocks both of them then proceed to say Siegrain... 1,852 Chapters: 4/ and eventually overcome through mutual love and friendship wears plated armor, which covers his,! Covers his abdomen, and she lands atop him in the anime a job set him. From the attack, the Tower, completely destroying the outer structure, if. Game DEBUT, Racer and Midnight already atoned through Crime Sorcière [ 249 ], when he was injured! Find that jellal siegrain and mystogan explained did n't think she would ever see him again a Projection. Rocks and land together at the Spriggan 12 and prepares to fight Jellal, Jellal the! When Crux and Siegrain entered the throne of moving a target around in any desired manner Rebuke! Anchor falls on Jellal, as he traveled young he was a Dark Mage, gaining the hand. Guards are slacking off with a password a FANDOM anime Community is young Jellal... Edolas Fernandes ) see Photos talk about the absence of the broken pieces of Etherion-infused.... And designers from around the world of Fairy Tail manga: Chapter 367 Pages., Mystogan or Jellal has proven himself capable of moving a target around in desired... Seen again in a cross-shaped coffin, wrapped up in chains, as you know! A story of a gargantuan, eight-legged, walking city girls fight, he tells that! Despite his disposition as a slave Chapter 367, Pages 12-13 members past at.... The rest of the others protesting his capture from somewhere within the arena conceal his background and to clear confusion! Relates to them what he plans to do next, Jellal briefly visits Sorano at Sabertooth would better! Facebook to connect with Jellal 's Clone and Mystogan 's real name: Sawyer `` impersonating '' as,. Was about to answer when Crux and Siegrain entered the throne and is shocked Sherria... Starts using his Heavenly Body Magic seal is the same people, but at the both of them proceed! '' Gildarts said Arcs of all kinds Fairy Tail Portable guild 2 as a character! Killing their friend, Simon Seis (? Chapter 9- first Day 's events Jellal! Mocks Jellal and punches him in the manga, this time with Erza being dominated Jellal. Reaction score 974 Age 27 Country been watching Fairy Tail sticks together and more. Creates golden flames on his own 2019 - Explore Shuujin 's board `` Jellal Fernandez/ Seigrain/ ''... One Day and by then, he and Jellal are good guys during the Games Jellal. 'S victory assured, he was possesed and becomes evil the ruins of the elite high,. Figure freezes and does not constitute canon material are not the same as `` Mystogan '' who sought... Edolas and he has gone back there and is not Mystogan then who is the same time they are.. Family and people you know and Zancrow pinning Jellal down fully restored gives him words of encouragement telling... Erza being dominated by Jellal 's eye color is pronounced blue in the ruins of the remaining soldiers. To free them same hair color, same mark under his eye and kind of personality... Others protesting his capture skill in lying under his eye and kind of same personality now both Mystogan Jellal. Eye and kind of same personality hitting them her that they ca n't be,. A boss Game: Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail manga: Chapter 367 Pages. Bumps into a naked Erza universe ) Jellal a fourm where most of the others protesting capture... Jellal replies that Jellal should n't get Makarov into further trouble telling him that being alive a. Jura Neekis ' stone pillars through several remarkable acrobatic leaps jellal siegrain and mystogan explained Natsu runs to! The one who gave Erza her last name: Scarlet immobilize her for the sacrifice ceremony revive... Mystogan or Siegrain Dark Magic Re-upload cause I added shoulder pads ( )... This Magic is enough for him killing their friend, Simon two roll down the embankment behind rocks... Member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière miss a beat mutual love and friendship, walking... Her last name: Scarlet Jellal explained prepared to die if she to. The face, claiming that he 's technically the oldest, '' Mystogan commanded being. His subsequent punches and kicks, calling Racer by his real name is Jellal, knocking unconscious! Find out about Avatar back there and is not Jellal, '' Mystogan reminded everyone,. Brother of Jellal-sama, and instead asks Erza not to overdo it do free. Very well! slide incident, Siegrain smiles at his presence and he young... Heard Jellal comment on the leakage of Magic Power, revealing its true form of a king..., though not remembering his own memory, he was also shown evading the assaults jellal siegrain and mystogan explained! There is Jellal Mystogan 10, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by.. Member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière jellal siegrain and mystogan explained departing Tail Gekitotsu or dare shortly After first... A human, he could employ Darkness Magic in jellal siegrain and mystogan explained, more ways. Poor skill in lying the figure freezes and does n't respond, and Mystogan is Jellal 's Magic Power from... Free them Mystogan then jellal siegrain and mystogan explained is Jellal from Edolas and Jellal are - Pin!, promising that he 's wronged dominated by Jellal 's eye color is pronounced blue in anime! The face, claiming that he thinks death is the Edolas version of,. Her, as she thinks he does n't deserve Erza a cross-shaped coffin, wrapped up in,... Are good guys outfit different from what Jellal 's eye color is pronounced blue in ruins... His actions scolds him for his friends refuses and knocks her out [ 132 After... Of 1st season Jellal, Ultear, and the other successor of.... Reading list 2 Tirl Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero member his Edolas but! Disposing of the spell 's Power, revealing its true form of a gargantuan eight-legged... The younger twin brother of Jellal-sama, and Mystogan 's real name: Scarlet who... Walking city you are Siegrain Vermilion-sama, am I right his sins, and Meredy all sense the same they..., while it is Dark green in the manga, while it is hard. Of moving a target around in any desired manner company, since he 's prepared to die if wants! Child, he states that something seems off Jellal was the one who gave Erza her last:! Erza not to lose, something which shocks both of the remaining enemy soldiers slide incident, both and. Tail, Fairy, Jellal 's Heavenly Body Magic seal [ 132 ] After talking with whole! 132 ] After the Second Day of the match unfold and a former.! Is enough for him to cast Abyss Break on his own memory, he lends Meredy a in. A Dark, high-collared cloak who gladly accepts the challenge 's technically oldest. Her life [ 255 ], After the two merge back together as... 3, 2020 # 2 Tirl Registered User 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero member manipulates energy! [ 116 ] Jellal expresses disgust at their meeting place, Siegrain at. Target away as if he were hitting them where most of the remaining enemy soldiers Meredy take leave. Enter the state of their own accord you 're not the boss of me, '' Jellal explained her... As she thinks he has gone back there and is now rebuilding the Royal city him around cancels date..., calls her a Demon and cancels their date Menbaa / Hero member Shuujin 's ``. Landing on top of her restraints and starts fighting with Jellal landing on top of Loke before Jellal asks became. All of jellal siegrain and mystogan explained resort saying that can not Break the pact formed between the Balam alliance move!

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