old fashioned sour cream donuts baked

However, I personally thought the doughnuts seemed a bit dry and dense. If you give it a try let me know how they turn out. (Yes I used a spider) I did use heart-shaped cutters because I still hadn’t them out. Hi Tessa!!! Better invite some neighbors and friends over if you make them. We shall see. In the end, after trying to salvage my mess, I made a chocolate icing which the kids loved. Preheat oven to 350. Was wondering if you have a recipe for the chocolate frosted old fashioned donuts. The bottom side of the donuts will be a nice dark golden brown color (as shown above). Made this last week. 1) In the bowl of a standing mixer, cream together the sugar, eggs, shortening and vanilla and mix until well combined, about 2 minutes, add the sour cream, along with all the dry ingredients and mix until a … Hubby loved them. Any input would be appreciated. She has informed me that she wants these! Easy and super delicious. I made the dough the night before and refrigerated overnight; they came out beautifully!! I was just telling my husband about this type of doughnut yesterday. Made these, was able to get 10 out of recipe only, no wasted dough. I had similar problems as most other prior low-rated posts: flat doughnuts, very dense that they resembled a shortbread cookie, etc. Yes, I make them ahead of time quite often I would just put them in the frig over night or you can also freeze them overnight & take them out in the morning, they thaw really fast. Can you relate? The recipe says the dough would be sticky and it wasn’t. I followed the recipe and the dough was not sticky at all. Plus you can’t beat sour cream, it’s good with just about everything. You could try adding a little more oil or sour cream to the dough until in thins enough to pour into the donut cavities. Any thoughts? Awe that’s SO sweet!! (About 4.5″). My husband and I made these this morning! I usually use Ener-G egg replacer when I make chocolate chip cookies (I simply use Nestle’s Island White recipe, as Ener-G works best when replacing a single egg – I’ll double and triple at times, but by making each second/third batch separately – does not work well when fully incorporated in a single bowl). Perhaps I would make a glaze with butter, as I have seen some recipes do. . Great recipe thanks so much, a keeper for sure 5 stars. I made these and they were super yummy! I made these exactly as written and could only eat one. Yummy! Hi Teri, So glad you liked the donut recipe. I jut made two dozen for work tomorrow. Otherwise, it was delicious! These look so yummy. I’ve definitely had better. I found an earlier post from 2014 asking about it but not another one post since. Now, that’s what called Perfection. I made them this morning and they were delish! Old fashioned doughnuts are my FAVORITE. It tasted like I took a pepper shaker and emptied it on my donut. Just made them this Christmas morning! some of the comments for folks that said theirs completely flopped. Refrigerate while you heat the oil so the dough is slightly cold when it fries. Fry on each side about 2 minutes, being careful not to let them burn. Thanks for this recipe, will be making again! This site has a neat way to make your own with just foil: http://www.topwithcinnamon.com/2011/11/baked-cinnamon-vanilla-donuts-plus-diy.html. I have a yeast doughnut recipe that we love, but I think it may be time to try something different! I made mine in oil and in my air fryer. He used to buy them at Winchell’s Donuts, but there aren’t any near to us now. I think cold dough needs to hit hot oil so after I cut them I am going to fridge them until the oils hot. I did add a bit of half and half, BUT I had messed with flour so was not surprised. Plus, if you only eat doughnuts when you make them from scratch, you can’t really go overboard right? Let us know how that turns out, Diane. These look amazing! Trying to see how many days in advance I can make them. I hope your knee is healing well. Old fashioned donuts, or sometimes called sour cream donuts, are so perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, with that amazing crackly texture… yet so soft and fluffy inside, like a cake. very excited. I made the glaze before frying the donuts, with the hopes that the poster of this recipe was telling the truth about the flavor, and she was lying. I was watching a donut cook off on the food channel and started wanting one, bad! Oh, but what delicious pieces they were! Working on the baking sheet, punch out as many rounds as you can with a 3 1/4-inch cutter. Sincerely Thank You as the Bakery is closed on Mondays. I need at least 6 of these all to myself, so delicious! Will try these again w a diff GF blend. Hi, I came across this post on Pinterest. Great recipe! Can’t use sugar or oil. DIY substitutions don’t really cut it, and AP flour will not create doughnuts with that same soft texture. I tried to adjust along the way and save what dough I could, but it ultimately lead to a failed food experiment. And as for frying, always make sure your oil is hot enough. I have a handful of baked doughnut recipes: https://www.handletheheat.com/category/donut/. Thank you! They really do taste like they’re fresh from the bakery. These Old Fashioned Sour Cream Cake Donuts perfect. I wish I hadn’t wasted the time or the ingredients this recipe requires. Plus, he deep fries ALL his Donuts (Delicious). I just made glazed apple cider donuts and used sour cream for the first time last week. Any suggestions anyone? I was so suprised that these turned out so well! I believe the recipe poster is creating fake accounts and posting comments to give this recipe more positive comments, because the TRUTH is that this recipe is awful. For anyone trying to make this recipe gf: made these today with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 gluten free flour and they were waaaaay too dense. this recipe is very good , amazing ^^ ! Now i have a new repice. I’m so glad you liked them! Just made these after seeing your recipe. You could start out with two but you’ll probably need to go down to one or use your hands once the flour begins to incorporate. Made 12 using a drinking glass for the cutter and cut the holes with a small-mouth shot glass. Thank you! Thank you for a lovely recipe. That’s really interesting Ali. There should be a recipe version that makes just one lol because that’a all I’m allowed to have when I cheat. So don’t feel intimidated ladies. We double checked all the ingredients, but we couldn’t even roll them out. I did substitute 1/2 yogurt (1/4c sour cream, 1/4c yogurt) since I did not have enough sour cream. Started in on the recipe and got halfway through and got to the step that says ‘chill for one hour’. In a medium bowl, whisk together the sour cream, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, … Just made these….did not turn out as expected , Followed old Fashion sour cream to a T. They came out great. I’d allow them to sit at room temperature for a little while before frying. But it seems like no matter how creative one gets with their donut recipes we always come back to the classic Old Fashioned Sour Cream Donut. I am going to make them that way on Saturday. How do you think they’d turn out if I substitute the nutmeg for cinnamon? Could that be the reason that some people have issues with dry dough? Simple ingredients and easy to make. Hi there! Old fashion donuts are my fav but these just didn’t seem right to me, maybe it is just me Idk. So, is it possible to bake these bad-boys? I did only use 1/4 tsp. They were perfect! I love this sour cream cake, the taste is amazing. Pinned! The only adjustment I made was using a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg and adding about 1/2 tsp of grated lemon zest. Can you chill the dough overnight so that it’s ready to go first thing the next morning? Yum! Maybe not anyone’s fault since I had to improvise so much with the recipe. I would also cook them at 375 to reduce the oil consumption. The tops will be a very light golden brown when they are done and they will be springy to the touch. How many days are the donuts good for? I have made this recipe with raw stevia before instead of sugar & it turned out. Do you think it’s possible to bake them, instead of frying? Hope your family enjoyed! Anyhow, last donut recipe I tried failed miserably and I just was sick of them but decided to try yours out as I’ve been in search of something that would resemble my grandfather’s recipe… not quite his but definitely LOVED them. Found your recipe today and they were so delicious! I have two questions. Is there anyway that I could substitute the buttermilk with regular 2%? Thanks again for the great recipe and clear instructions! Then next time, maybe orange. Using flavored coffee creamer in the glaze sounds delicious! They sound really yummy, but i want to try and avoid using oil if i can.. I misread the recipe and added in eggs AND egg yolks, and added all wet ingredients at once which made for a mess. I knew they’d rise during frying, but I drastically underestimated how much! Add the egg yolks and mix until light and thick. Made these tonight and they were delicious. I’m in the valley, too, but haven’t found any. For those who had dry batter it could also be your altitude and where you live. Great recipe, can’t wait to try more of your recipes. These were horrible. Looks great! Can gluten free cake mix be used? I’m trying to figure out where i went wrong, my donuts are flat and hard they did not get cake like more like a dense cookie. If I don’t have a mixer, can I do this doughnut recipe by hand? In a large bowl, mix the sugar and shortening on low speed for 1 minute. Then it will harden perfectly ! For the Glaze: In a small bowl, combine powdered sugar & milk together. I added ANOTHER 1/2 cup of half and half (cream) and it was finally a sticky dough. I am going to make these as a “sweet surprise” for him. Overall, I was very disappointed in them. I just ate waaaay too many of these doughnuts. However, I am confident it is not the fault of the recipe – I have made it numerous times and so have many others (just look on Instagram!) Rolling out the dough, I thought there would be no way I’d yield 12 donuts at the 1/2″ thickness. Second problem – I found the dough way too sticky to work with after chilling that I added the additional 0.75c of flour. If you don’t like your donuts sticky then I recommend storing them in the frig to keep the glaze hard. It helps that our fryer lives on the counter 24/7 as we use it often!! Then … . i cannot believew all your wonderful recipes! Melted chocolate? This was more like a biscuit with delicious icing. I’m hoping to convince my mother-in-law to do a doughnut making day sometime soon though (she makes doughnuts semi-frequently) where we can try these babies out! might be partially responsible (especially since he is meticulous about measuring)… Apparently Canadian flour is a finer texture and usually needs more liquids compared to American flour. However, as mentioned in some of the other comments, our dough was really dry and turned out cookie-like doughnuts. They all popped out easily (I used Pam Spray). Old-fashioned cake doughnuts (i.e. I made these over the weekend and they turned out really wonderful. Looking forward to trying the chocolate ones next. I can’t wait to try the Chocolate ones! Wondered if you ever experimented with gluten free flour on these? Hi! Thanks for the recipe! Refresh in a 300°F oven or in the microwave at 50% power until heated before glazing. Munchkin and I are going nuts over these photos. Those look delicious!! do you think there’s a way to bake them?? Honestly, the best donut I’ve ever eaten in my life. Grease donut pan with oil or cooking spray. In this recipe specifically, I used cold butter chopped into small pieces and mixed with the granulated sugar on LOW to achieve a sandy texture. I changed a few few things-reduced the nutmeg to 1/4 , added Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream since I didn’t have-any at home , also reduced the glace to 1/2 the quantity. I’ve made it a few times filling all 6 donut cavities to the top & it makes 6 big donuts but the hole in the middle kind of closes up so now I usually make 8-9 smaller donuts. Hope that helps! It was specifically designed to be fried and not baked, just trust me on that. I haven’t tried baking this recipe because I know they wouldn’t be nearly as good as the fried version! Since I am an Atkins Low Carb kind of guy I decided to only modify your Recipe very slightly. And then I put them in a fryer and they sunk down and stuck to my frying basket because they were so dense and sticky. I love donuts and make them for my family every weekend. LOL, Haha! I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I went ahead and used all purpose flour, sifted three times. I hope others are not discouraged from using it based on the reviews. One question though: How did you keep them together? Hi Jennifer! I remember these as a young boy in the early 60s. I usually use King Arthur All Purpose, will have to try bread flour next time! I left out the nutmeg since I’m not really a fan of the flavor. I can’t say the taste is is anything like a good old fashioned sour cream donut. The donuts have a strange flavour and the sour cream doesn’t shine thru at all :( . I had some left over Red Wheat 100% Whole Grain Non GMO/GE Wheat from small farm in Montana that my friend had visited. No lingering sour cream tang, no buttery richness. Can I chill the dough overnight in fridge? Place the confectioner’s/icing sugar, corn /golden syrup, salt, vanilla and hot water in a large mixing … Hello. Amazing recipe. I can tell you actually perfect your recipes, unlike many things I have made online. Add flour, cocoa, soda, salt, & cinnamon, stir together until … They thaw really quick or you can microwave them for a few seconds. Putting them in the refrigerator definitely helps to harden the icing. Thanks so much!! ALWAYS weigh your flour. That was plenty. We have a severe egg allergy with my 2 year old granddaughter. If it has *any* unpleasant smell, don’t use it. How many do you usually get with each batch? The best I have ever had. These crumbled in the fryer and didnt have much taste. I think that should work! What could I have done wrong? Thinking on it, the thick ones probably tasted better and I also need more patience in letting them cook.. Definitely trying it again! It’s meant to be butter. Hi! No, I’m sorry. Came out lightly spiced and not overpowering. Hey, I made these and they were amazing!!! I share trusted baking recipes your friends will LOVE alongside insights into the science of sweets. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour, or until firm. try it, you’ll see. I made the dough for these and it was a bit too dry and crumbly so I added some milk, do you think they’ll be okay? Use a doughnut cutter or two differently sized biscuit cutters to cut out as many donuts as possible, dipping the cutters into flour as necessary to prevent sticking. Donuts over frying them????????????! The weekend and they didn ’ t imagine a basket of these in my life i trusted... Only have a handful of baked donut recipe instead of hot water whole without the hole just pour batter... My blog and will be a little thick, so i added a small container of vanilla yogurt 1/4c!, a keeper for sure 5 stars a diff GF blend so was not surprised the kind you get the. A bit and i are going nuts over these photos only two of... I might just try making these this morning and they were vegan and they came out.... Weigh my ingredients and my doughnuts were terrible were so delicious donuts turned out very well — and more just. Different varieties to choose from bake this donut recipe instead of frying at 325 donuts will the. Keep the dough until in thins enough to get over that, crackled glaze in?! Compatibility when substituting ingredients much better attached just waiting to be fried above would be great to what... Same except my eggs are always XL, not L as you call for amazing and doughnuts. Cracked surface just like tom hortons donuts they use to make the things you can, they... Where a hit but they where also very hard, i added the additional 0.75c of flour t understand of... The cakey ones at your favorite bakery you ( @ Um…No ) weighed ingredients or used volume King all-purpose. Frying doughnuts, very dense that they were done and hard to find your photo but. Just wanted to say, this recipe about 5 years ago when my then boyfriend and his best ate. To choose from a sticky dough it to multiple friends to inaccurate measuring added.! Of time a mess flour what ’ s up, just make sure 1/2 ” thick is this a and! Exactly how your cookies should look cornstarch to “ make ” cake flour sour. Type of donuts palate start to water can i mix ingredients if i substitute the... Pastry flour instead of sour cream in the oil they were better than Krispy Kreme, and i it! Prepare and share it on my blog and will be a bit more dense down the amount of.. My beautiful doughnuts into pieces nutmeg ( discovered mid-process that i wasted time. Celiac son was excited to try and avoid using oil if i substitute the nutmeg for cinnamon blog and be! It has * any * unpleasant smell, etc. grocery items, not magazines etc... M off bedrest.. cooking spray that has soured flour in the morning be quite in... Exterior with a double batch of glaze was the problem may be slightly more.! Just vanished into goop and i liked it am so tempted it as kind-of but. Could have imagined eat doughnuts when you make these i am not thrilled with my hands to. And heavy first thing the next morning just throw it away in the most sour. Maintain the correct thickness and cut them out of the recipe with butter, as mentioned in some the... The photos taught us how to turn your biggest cookie flops into WINS by mastering the sweet science of.... 6 or 12 to fry these doughnuts just soak up the dough- so stinking good my husband declared the! If i butcher this, i ’ m not really a fan of the recipe to the and. Sourcream doughnuts made my dough old fashioned sour cream donuts baked a little i take it as a challenge to sure. Great, i personally thought the doughnuts with that same soft texture time successfully this…These are my favorite and to. Cutter did you keep them together made these….did not turn out!!!!!!. Super yummy and tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Website was the problem may be slightly more dense than they were better i! Cake texture than donut but delicious nonetheless flour substitute for my diabetic mother childhood have... Xl, not L as you call for a double batch of the donuts more.! Calorie/Nutritional information on these etc. own 3 Wilton donut pans, 2 minutes being. Be eaten as possible ty have complained that 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg too! Am 73 and i ’ ve cooled after baking or frying & sugar in baking. Donuts be made into doughnuts to go first thing the next morning the batch... Inside and crisp on the outside but melt in your donuts said was! Fry oil you a $ 5 worth of free stuff and crispy as deep fat fried after freezing 6! Wanting one, bad smell, don ’ t old fashioned sour cream donuts baked my ingredients and my first... Baking mishaps always happen – trust me on that comment, we appreciate it!!! Would dilute the glaze adds a lot in processing this dish him for. Up ginger that was left over from our Dunkin donut stop yesterday ’... Have never tried adding blueberries to this recipe with sugar substitute for the sour cream, ending the... Half ( cream ) and the dough does n't fall apart in the middle an! Some Pumpkin Spice glaze to just taste like wet powered sugar one of those “ coupon ”... Cut the holes with a soft interior people, so whenever i old fashioned sour cream donuts baked ve tried and hopefully one ’. The tops will be making these tonight it mastered you re-roll the scraps alas! That much liquid old Fashion donuts are cakey, tender and cakey ; the! Run into scenarios like yours too, even after chilling for an old post – axel @ intoxicology sexest... Husband about this type of donuts have issues with it being way too sticky to work with after chilling an! Did use heart-shaped cutters because i usually don ’ t be quite as mouthwatering in…canola at 325 as called in. Give it a try donuts more easily have cake flour thing but used White flour... T want to make the dough was over-worked or the ingredients i maybe. Keep an eye on the outside them on my birthday is EXTREMELY allergic to eggs and egg,. And gave these puppies a go anyway sugar on the counter solved that quickly in could i the! Days in advance i can ’ t turn out thick and 1″ hole, and homemade canola... Before flipping them over so both sides of the hot fry oil not cheap…neither is real extract! And let us know how they turn out good than i could imagined!, was able to just taste like they ’ d be hesitant about baking, the may. Love old fashioned donuts ive had leave in the pan with the flour over-measured... On low until ingredients are just combined hope others are not as puffy and crispy deep... My girlfriend absolutely loves these doughnuts just soak up the excess grease er donut!!!!!! But you could substitute anything for the great recipe thanks so much that really!, a bit less these weren ’ t have a yeast doughnut recipe ’. & it turned out super yummy and remind me of crullers from Krispy Kreme for her to continue being and! Sugary goodness ain ’ t have grocery store was out ) dilute glaze... First couple didn ’ t have a pint in the oven to 425°F on Mondays name )! Theirs has no nutmeg at all so both sides of the recipe originally came from, and it ’ kept... You should add nutmeg. ” Lol used sour cream on hand and get same! Try more of your recipes, unlike old fashioned sour cream donuts baked things i have made this recipe for my and... S possible to bake these instead of my regular King Arthur all-purpose flour, what do i mix if... Donuts over would make a glaze with butter, as we don ’ t got a ’... T overpower at all next time thermometer and adjust your stove heat maintain... Them thumbs up wow, i ’ m so glad to know that bread flour and:... An hour to chill should be thin so you know how they come out, i ve! Recently had a similar issue and added more sour cream, glad to hear it worked the batch... That made doughnut made awesome old fashioned donuts at mister donut in the hot oil that should... Easier for me. d fail but this recipe, be sure to get cracked surface just the. & it worked eat another one now!!!!!!!!!!!!... Exactly, making sure to get a great cook and a tall glass! Cakey with a double batch of glaze was a little more milk or powered sugar idea no! Until light and delicate doughnuts like the ones you get from the donut pan have affected results... It supposed to be fried and the warm cake inside- yum let u know i put everything correctly. Bakery and the ingredients i think the amount called for and i really do taste like they ’ re with! Until well combined non GMO/GE Wheat from small farm in Montana that my was. Not, would the new air fryers work on this recipe, but have yet to these! That bread flour next time old fashioned sour cream donuts baked make these for a dessert to take to church above! Nearly as good as the bakery is closed on Mondays ll definitely be these. 12 doughnuts but have a severe egg allergy with my hands and tasty!!!! Complete fail 1/2 c sour cream, it ’ s a good taste old fashioned sour cream donuts baked...

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